This was a very difficult decision to make coming in to the program. We had gotten so reliant on credit cards that to sign them over meant we better make some sacrifices daily, even with meals because we could no longer just charge dinner on a card. That was part of the problem: our debt would never decrease. Making the decision to join forced us to face our dependence. Thru the time on the program gas prices grew to an all time high then everything else started going up in price. We only had about 8 months left. When I expressed my fear of just not making ends meet to Kevin, he worked out a plan. We had already paid a card off so he stretched our months out & reduced our monthly payment. This helped us to be able to afford to continue to pay off our debt & still make ends meet. We have made it to the end! We had $18,000 debt gone without claiming bankruptcy! Thank you Credit Advisors and Kevin for all your help! I am always telling people how we did this in less than 4 years & they can too!

C. K.

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