Common Questions

  1. What is credit counseling?
  2. What is a debt management program?
  3. How can a debt management program lower my monthly payments?
  4. What kind of savings can I expect through credit counseling/debt management?
  5. How long does it take to get out of debt with a debt management program?
  6. What types of debt do debt management plans handle?
  7. How will a debt management program help me?
  8. How does a debt management program typically work?
  9. How do I decide between a debt management plan or a debt settlement plan? What could go wrong with debt settlement?
  10. Does credit counseling/debt management require good credit?
  11. What happens when I receive credit counseling?
  12. What happens when I start a debt management program (DMP)?
  13. How do debt management programs differ from bankruptcy?
  14. Why is it that monthly payments are typically lower when participating in a debt management program?
  15. Will my creditors work with a debt management program?
  16. Will debt management stop creditors from calling?
  17. Will signing up with Credit Advisors affect my credit?
  18. Can I still use my credit cards?
  19. What type of bills does Credit Advisors handle/pay?
  20. How much does a debt management program (DMP) cost?
  21. How much does credit counseling cost?
  22. Can I negotiate with creditors on my own?
  23. How can I receive credit counseling or start my debt management program?
  24. Should I consider getting a loan instead of credit counseling and/or a debt management program?
  25. Why should my creditors lower my payments and monthly interest?
  26. What is secured debt?
  27. How do I choose a credit counseling service?
  28. How can I be assured that Credit Advisors is paying all my bills?
  29. What happens if I miss a payment to Credit Advisors?
  30. What should I do if a creditor calls me at home or work?
  31. Should I list every creditor when I apply or can I leave some off (for example, one of my credit cards)?
  32. Should I list my car payment?
  33. Can I make a double payment?
  34. Will I still get monthly statements from my creditors?
  35. What advantages does CA provide over most other counseling agencies?
  36. How can you get people out of debt so fast?
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