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Common Questions


What advantages does CA provide over most other counseling agencies?


Credit Advisors provides many advantages over other counseling agencies.
Here a just a few:
  1. Many counseling agencies rely primarily on creditors to fund their service, as such there appears to be a conflict of interest. So, are they really representing you or the creditors?

  2. Some agencies charge a flat fee regardless of what you can really afford. We believe you should only have to pay what you can truly afford.

  3. Many credit counselors only make payments to your creditors on a monthly basis. There are some that pay your creditors weekly. At best, your money is sitting around for approximately seven days. CA believes in distributing client funds daily, so your money is working for you faster.

  4. CA has a much lower counselor to client ratio than most other agencies.

    CA: Averages less than 200 clients per counselor.

    Competitors: Average 400 to 1000 clients per counselor!

  5. Many agencies cherry pick the debts they will handle. They will only handle debts that are easy to negotiate or debts to those creditors that contribute a percentage of funds back to them. CA handles ALL types of debts regardless of the difficulty or payback ratio.

  6. CA monitors your credit record to ensure your timely, consistent payments are being recorded by your creditors. This also provides you an opportunity to address all debts contained in your credit file. Most of our competitors do not take this hands on approach to handling your debts because this approach is time consuming and expensive. We believe you deserve nothing less!

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