Debt Consolidation may be better then bankruptcy
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Common Questions


If a creditor calls me at home or work what should I do?


If a collector calls you, tell them you have signed up with Credit Advisors. Give them the name and number of your account manager. The Creditor number is 402-393-3100. Most creditors are happy to call us. In the Rare event a collector wants to try to get you to make a separate payment to her directly, Don't Do It! If you give in and mail her a payment directly, they will bother you forever! You must be firm but polite with the collector. If they are to receive payments at all it must be through Credit Advisors!

Its important to remember that Credit Advisors works directly with the Counseling Division of many of the large companies. Many of the collectors that call you aren’t even aware of the counseling department. Many collectors work on commission and will try to get you to pay directly. Again, Don't Do It!


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