Debt Consolidation may be better then bankruptcy
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Common Questions


What is a debt management program?


A debt management program is a process by which a credit counseling agency works as a liaison or a connection between you and your creditors. With Credit Advisors Foundation you have access to over 47 years experience dealing with well over 50,000 different creditors nationwide. The process begins with a certified credit counselor reviewing your situation and helping you determine your short and long term goals. After the development of a working budget for handling your monthly expenses each of your credit accounts is examined in detail. Then, and only then, is a repayment plan developed to fit your needs and meet your creditor’s requirements. Repayment plans may last from six months to five years depending on your personal situation. During a debt management program you make monthly payments to Credit Advisors Foundation who then forwards your funds to your creditors in accordance with your plan. Many creditors recognize a consumer’s efforts to repay debts through a structured plan like a debt management program, and may make concessions, such as adjusting your interest rate, lowering required payments, or bringing your account current to assist your program progress.

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